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1964 Tote Bag Woman’s best friend

Style / 19th December 2016

A handbag is a loyal companion that’s by your side, whatever the day may hold. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right one, there’s no such thing as a rushed decision. Take on the everyday with the Pittards 1964 Tote. Inspired by...

Beauty in the basics

Style / 15th December 2016

Keys, check. Purse, check. Phone, check. And you’re off with the Pittards College Satchel....

A Gentleman’s Guide to Moustache Maintenance

Style / 30th November 2016

Whether your Handlebars, Chevron or pencil thin, for Movember or for fashion, there’s a trick to maintaining a mighty moustache. A well-groomed moustache takes time and care. Do it right, it can be nothing less than a work of art. Here are a few...

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  • #MakerMonday It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the business it’s impossible to pass a stacked horse of leather without touching... #pittardsleather
  • Reposted from @footjoyeurope Performance leather for the #1 in golf. #footjoy #footjoygolf #golf #pittardsleather