In the production of its technically advanced, performance leathers, Pittards takes a responsible attitude to the environment, with a policy that states that it will:

  • Meet and strive to better relevant environmental standards and legislation.
  • Annually review environmental objectives and targets with a view to continually improving the Group’s environmental performance.
  • Use only those hides and skins which are by-products of the meat, wool and dairy industries worldwide.
  • Communicate openly on the nature of our activities and report progress on environmental plans and performance.

  • Organise activities and operations in such a way that environmental impacts are assessed and minimised.
  • Aim to minimise waste through the stringent use of all materials, supplies and energy.
  • Use renewable or recyclable materials and components wherever possible in operations.
  • Maintain a research and development activity, aimed at more efficient and more environmentally acceptable technology.
  • Include environmental considerations in all investment decisions.

ISO Certified

Pittards is ISO 14001 certified, underlining its integrated commitment to environmental management, from all levels and functions within the company. Throughout all product development and manufacturing activities, we jointly assess environmental considerations alongside our customers’ requirement for colour, aesthetics and performance, with the objective of both satisfying the customer and minimising environmental impact.