Dopp Kit Small - Attacama Tobago Brown



This smaller Dopp Kit was designed for the world of carry-on convenience travel, where putting together a minimal packing list can seem like an on-going quest for perfection. The square shape sits neatly in the corner of a case and can take a surprising number of travel-size toiletries. Lined in a wipe-clean waterproof nylon, the Pittards leather outer is durable and with such rugged good looks you probably won’t want to hide it away. One main compartment (our trick is to put toiletries in the security poly bag and then put the whole lot in the Dopp Kit for more streamlined transfers at the x-ray machine) and a canvas grab strap.

The term Dopp Kit comes via our cousins in the USA where it is in wide use - apparently after one Charles Doppelt who made the first covetable wash bag.

The Details

  • Attacama Leather - A rugged leather with WR100X water-resistant properties that not only provide protection from the elements, but also help keep the leather softer for longer.
  • Waterproof lining - black
  • Webbing grab-handle
  • Width: 180mm Depth: 105mm Height: 115mm
  • Made in England