Pocket Notebook Case - Attacama Tobago Brown



In an age of technology, we must confess to still carrying a torch for the humble notebook. Especially one that goes easily into a pocket or the corner of a pack. It’s a small act that somehow makes everyday a tiny bit of an adventure. We slip our favourite Field Notes books into this leather cover and for streamlined travel keep our passports and a few notes alongside. Happiness is unpacking and exploring the accumulated contents on long train journeys.

The detail is in the construction - a beautiful tactile tumbled Pittards Attacama leather on the outside, a perfectly finished notch for ease of access and our signature shirt lining.

The Details

  • Attacama Leather - A rugged leather with WR100X water-resistant properties that not only provide protection from the elements, but also help keep the leather softer for longer.
  • Signature shirt check lining
  • V-notch for ease of access
  • Width: 155mm Height: 90mm
  • Made in England