Men's Knit Cuff Leather Gloves - Royal Blue



Made in Pittards Nappa leather which has a soft sheen for easy wearability. Lined with a brushed microfibre fleece for warmth and durability and a knit cuff for a snug fit.

Glove Sizing: To discover your leather glove size, measure around the knuckles (excluding the thumb) and the palm of your dominant hand. The measurement you have taken in inches is your glove size.

The Details

  • Gloving leather - Pittards nappa leather
  • Leather properties - Surface enhanced Nappa leather/soft sheen/lightweight/washable
  • Glove lining - Brushed microfibre fleece for warmth and durability
  • Detail - Knit cuff for a snug fit and extra warmth
  • Glove sizes - S (8) M (8.5) L (9) XL (9.5)