Daines & Hathaway Small Wash Kit - Canvas Navy



A compact version of our framed leather Wash Kit, the structure of this bag makes it easy to fill with travel-size toiletries, making it ideal for overnight and short trips. Featuring a zipped main compartment and waterproof lining. Our suggestion for a great gift - fill with mini versions of the recipient's favourite toiletries. For bigger impact, add a ticket to the destination of your choice... 

Made from a combination of Pittards English leather and rugged Ventile® weatherproof cotton, the clean lines of the canvas collection have a very modern appeal. Featuring leather trim and fine detail, these wash bags embody classic English handmade quality at its very best.

The Details

  • Ventile® weatherproof cotton
  • Attacama Leather - A rugged leather with WR100X water-resistant properties that not only provide protection from the elements, but also help keep the leather softer for longer.
  • Waterproof lining - red
  • Tab Detailing
  • Width: 185mm Depth: 93mm Height: 95mm
  • Made in England